Welcome to S.I.R. documentation! We're here to help you with basic stuff and other problems. If you find any issue or bug with the S.I.R. plugin, let us know on the support server.
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ZeroToil | Development
We will be migrating here as soon as we finish this wiki
Why is your wiki owning some random guy?
Hello everyone. I'm Kléma and I'm helping ZeroToil developers with propagation and creating wikis for their plugins. My job is to help everyone with plugins made by the ZeroToil development team and its developers. If you have any problems, you should check out our official website or join our Discord server. Thank you!
What versions are supported in S.I.R. plugin?
You can use S.I.R. on versions 1.7 to 1.19, but we recommend using the latest Minecraft version every time. The best version you can achieve all features is 1.12 and newer.
If you encounter any issue, please get asap on our Discord support server and create a ticket. We will try to help you as soon as we can. Note that because of the different time zones, there can be some issues with message delays from both sides. Thank you for your understanding.
My problem is not here. What do I need to do?
If your problem still persists and there's no way to fix that, please also join our support server and get help in the #sir-help channel.